High quality for high demands in the shipping industry.

On every ship, a maritime switchgear system forms the power house via which the energy on board is safely distributed. This type of system must meet the extreme conditions that prevail at sea at all times. The focus here is upon:

High levels of safety, service friendliness, functionality, durability of all the installed components

This is due to the fact that on board a ship in particular, the demands placed upon switchboards, switchgear, control elements, control technology and power distribution as well as the main and sub-distribution boards are particularly high. No matter whether it concerns electrical main distribution boards, sub-distribution boards, electrical switchboards, control units, switchgear, switch panels or switches: the rough sea places high demands upon the electrical engineering:

Saline atmosphere, high humidity, mechanical loads due to the swell, vibrations caused by ship propulsion, high temperature in the interior

Security, reliability and flexibility

Low voltage switchgear.

In the maritime sector, electrical installation as well as the use of switches and switchgear, such as the low voltage switchgear, take on such great importance: In terms of safety, reliability and flexibility they are the rock in the turbulent seas of any electricity system, such as the power supply systems in ships, boats and yachts.

Maritime versions of low-voltage switchgear in marine electrical systems:

  • Main switchgear
  • Mobile switchgear
  • Emergency switchboards
  • Emergency power supply systems including UPS
  • Shore connection systems
  • Subdivisions in various sizes and designs
  • Light distributions
  • Control panels
  • Special control panels

Thanks to its modular design, the system is also characterised by enormous power and high flexibility.

Each system consists of three main parts:

  • Protection, control and measuring devices.
  • Busbar distribution systems that connect incoming and outgoing cables with the technology installed in the system.
  • The housing with a control panel and the mechanical support systems


  • Distributors are standardised in accordance with DIN 43880
  • DIN EN 60079 to ensure protection from electrical explosions
  • The system must be type-tested according to the new DIN EN 61439
  • Switchgear standard DIN EN 61439-1 & 2
  • The switchgear must be designed in accordance with DIN VDE 0660 Part 600

Regardless of whether it is for the main distribution board, sub-distribution board, switching elements, switchboards, switches, electrical lines and electrical installation for these demanding electrical systems and electrical equipment, you need a reliable partner for complete turnkey solutions to the full extent and a modular range of services from one source.

  • Consultation
  • Planning and project management
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Manufacturing of switchgear
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning of low voltage switchgear

As an experienced expert, Stolze GmbH offers sustainable solutions for tankers, container ships, cruise ships, yachts and boats.

Stolze GmbH

Always a secure haven where low voltage switchgear are concerned.

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