R+S Flagship in Northern Germany- Year overview 2021 R+S Stolze GmbH

Veröffentlicht am: 24.01.2022

An eventful year 2021 lies behind R+S Stolze GmbH. Even in times of change during the current pandemic we were able to achieve internal improvements, bring long-term projects to a close and moving onto new paths, all thanks to the tireless dedication of our co-workers. This way R+S Stolze in Lübeck was able to set the course for a successful future last year.

Fit for the high sea thanks to Offshore Schoolings

In preparation for working on offshore platforms, a total of 10 of our co-workers – department heads and mechanics as well as colleagues from the engineering department – undertook an offshore security- and survival training.

Due to the close collaboration between the R+S Group subsidiaries Scholl and R+S Stolze here in Lübeck, colleagues from both companies fearlessly face the challenge together.

On the high seas there are special conditions due to weather and large distance to the coast. This can lead to several types of dangerous situations to working on land, which make special safety knowledge essential for all our colleagues working on such platforms.

During first aid training everyone could booster his or her knowledge, add emergency measures for urgent illnesses, massive injuries und health emergencies, such as the usage of a defibrillator on an offshore platform, to it. This enables every participant to be able to give each other CPR, even when an emergency doctor is many hours away.

The simulation of resounding helicopter noise in the darkness, boisterous wave and jumping into freezing water from a height of 10m created a framework that prepared our colleagues optimally for emergencies offshore. Additionally concrete scenarios such as “man overboard”, the correct way to lower yourself down a rope into a life raft, or the procedure of a high seas rescue were practiced under realistic circumstances.

Our colleagues showed great courage, unconditional operational readiness, and trust in their teammates during this training.

They are thus optimally prepared for any emergency, and put our company into a situation to be able to take any chances that might appear in the offshore market in the future.

Certificate: valuable – Recertification ISO 9001:2015

In August 2021, our processes and services were put to the test according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and successfully recertified by the DNV. With this recertification we were once again able to prove our ability to meet the highest quality standards, and sustainably.

A certified quality management system is increasingly important. On the one hand, it helps the company move forward and on the other hand it is a requirement for existing and potential new customers. Because of this, a successful certification is a relevant reference in national as well as international sales.

Since we were able to pass the recertification with a perfect score, we now meet the requirements for the quality management system as a systems supplier for maritime electronics.

The quality management commissioner Doreen Krienke would like to thank the entire Team a R+S Stolze GmbH, and especially all those who participated in the process for their excellent preparation and collaboration.

“We are immensely proud of the result of the recertification audit and want to continue to uphold the expectations of our customers as a team. A quality management system lived by every colleague is the right way. Because of this I look forward to future collaboration with the entire Team at R+S Stolze GmbH and would like to thank everyone for the great support”.

Traveling through Europe: River cruise ships in serial production

At the beginning of the year, we completed two of now more than 60 river cruise ship projects for a long-time customer in Rostock.

Ever since 2010 we have been supplying this river cruise ships, who travel rivers across Europe, with electronics and maintenance on the spot.

The key feature of these projects is that we take exceptional care to meet the unique requirements in the river cruise market. Within this framework, our engineering department, and our operational forces on site, equip the ships with technological sophistication and an eye for detail according to the wishes of international guests.

To enable our partner to provide safe opportunities for tourism, even during the current pandemic, we now equip every ship with thermal imagers.
These serve as an early warning system for guests that may have a fever due to an infection with the corona virus and thus protects the crew as well as other guests.

Rostock will continue to be an important branch, from where colleagues will support our customers.

In the direct sphere of influence of the northern German shipbuilding market, our colleagues developed an independent coordination branch. This was possible thanks to our team in Rostock and will serve as base of operations for our logistical processes as well as help us establish the Stolze brand in the coastal area of the Baltic Sea in the future.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our colleagues and especially those that directly took part in the projects.

The continuous commitment of our colleagues goes far beyond the usual level and together with the mutual appreciation, will continue to succeed as a company. Globally as well as locally here in Lübeck.

Our course for 2022? “On to new shores with a great crew on board!”

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