Switchgear/power distribution

Modern on-board electrics for modern times.

With almost 70 years of experience in electrical engineering and a wealth of experience in boat and shipbuilding, we know the high and also specific requirements in the field of switchgear construction for the maritime industry. This is because switchgear and power distribution systems need to meet special demands due to the unfavourable conditions on the high seas:

Saline atmosphere, high humidity, mechanical loads due to the swell, vibrations caused by ship propulsion, high temperature in the interior.

What one requires here is reliable ship electrics that can withstand these extreme requirements and conditions.
In addition, on board of boats and ships one is often faced by small amounts of space or angular rooms. Our specialists manufacture customised and made-to-measure electrical systems and housings individually to this end.

Experience and innovation

We also make shipping watertight in terms of the marine electronics!

The combination of decades of experience and innovative solutions makes us an experienced specialist that designs and implements sustainable solutions in boat electrics, yacht electrics and ship electrics from a single source. In the field of switchgear construction, our experts plan and build new installations according to specific customer requirements or retrofit installations that are already outdated to make them future-proof.

Our references

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We master not only the theory, but above all the practice. And due to the fact we are not only proud of this, but can also provide proof of our successful work, you can find our references here.

AIDA DIVA Viking River Cruises AG
MS Sonnenkönigin
Mein Schiff 2

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