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State-of-the-art navigation is not written in the stars.

A brief look at some history: The word “Navigation” is derived from the Latin. It means as much as the guidance of a ship. The task of helmsmanship is to guide ships, boats and yachts safely to the desired position. In this process it must be ensured that the current position can be determined at any time. It must also be possible to calculate the optimal route at any time.
The art of astronomical navigation was developed over 6000 years ago.

And until the mid-90s, most of the navigation work on board was still performed using a compass, sextant, log, sea chart, course triangle and a compass drawing tool. Only then did more and more highly technical and complex systems come into use, which made navigation on ships at sea safer.

Masters in all weather conditions

Innovative ship navigation provided by Stolze GmbH.

Whether it’s on the high seas, in narrow rivers or in bad weather: we support today’s shipping with reliable navigation solutions using modern navigation devices and radar technology. For this reason, navigation systems also form an essential part of our delivery range. Regardless of whether stand-alone solutions or integrated logistics systems are required, we always focus on the requirements of our customers in the implementation of each project.

The summary guide

Navigation equipment for ships.

In the modern shipping industry, innovative navigation equipment with an ever increasing number of new functions are now used on ships, boats and yachts. Many of them are not only necessary for the purposes of navigation, but also fall under the equipment obligation. For instance:

  • AIS-System = Automatic ship identification system – Automatic identification system
  • ECDIS = Electronic chart display and information system
  • LRIT = Long range identification and tracking
  • VDR = Voyage data recorder

In order to ensure safety on board, there are also various systems and units, which are always available in duplicate. This helps to ensure that a safe voyage is still guaranteed even in the event of a breakdown:

  • Rudder/ Rudder pump
  • Compass
  • Radar-
  • GPS receiver
  • Electronic nautical chart

Ensuring everything goes with the flow

Navigation on inland waterways.

Modern navigation systems are of particular importance in river navigation. This is because narrow waterways, narrow channels at low water, entering narrow locks or in poor visibility conditions require high-precision and reliable navigation in terms of the determination of the vessels position and orientation. When using modern river radar systems, with and without ECDIS, we also support our customers here in ensuring safe navigation in all waters at all times.

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