Lübecks tradition – modernized by R+S Stolze!

Veröffentlicht am: 23.12.2021

The Passat belongs to Lübeck like Marzipan or the Holstentor. Ever since 1958 the 4 mast ship has been the property of the City of Lübeck. She has since become one of the last 4 P-liners in the world! Ankered in Priwall Harbour she is now a museum as well as an event location. This makes R+S Stolze very proud to have been able to outfit this historic landmark of our city with a new gangway. We came into contact with the city government back in July 2021 and were able to secure the contract for a new gangway worth 20.000 €.

Project “gangway”

The two apprentices Yasmin Ospalski and Jan Schirrmann have spent the last few weeks working on installing the lighting on the new gangway.

Day and night you can see the 600 kilogram construction, made up of aluminium and stainless steel, shine and light up Travemündes promenade. The floor is comprised of an 8 meter 4401 Duplex steel plate which offers both non-slip resistance and protection from rust.

Press day

December 14th we were able to show the final results of our work to local public officials. We were able to welcome Joachim Friedemann (Director of Schooling and Sport with the city government) and the Senator for Culture, Monika Frank (SPD). Together with our CEO, Dennis Götsch, and accompanied by two local journalists they were able to take a look at the results of our 6 months project. Our two apprentices proudly answered any questions about their work.

R+S Stolze would like to give sincere thanks  we hope to be able to continue the collaboration in the future.

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