IT & Innovation at R+S Stolze GmbH: reinforcement of our team through Stefan Peters, Head of IT & Innovation

Veröffentlicht am: 07.04.2022

The newly formed department of IT & Innovation took off under the leadership of Stefan Peters. The goal of his work is, according to Stefan Peters himself: “To use synergy effects of our corporate group to offer our clients the best solutions possible out of one hand.” To achieve this goal, Stefan Peters follows the vision to act hand in hand with every other department at R+S Group.

Stefan Peters was already able to prove himself as an absolute team player during the collaboration between R+S Stolze GmbH and his earlier employer. While his first days at our company were overshadowed by the social distancing measures due to the pandemic, Stefan Peter can already see projects and opportunities that just wait to be taken advantage of on the horizon.

Alongside his colleague Jan-Nicolas Kugler, Stefan Peters will work on a variety of projects in the field of IT-infrastructure, especially WLAN-LAN, Room Automation, CCTV, VoIP or many more. Those technologies are used in nearly all industry sectors. A collaboration of different departments can thus be not only sensible but profitable.

Stefan Peters started his career with an apprenticeship as an aviation mechanic and soon took on responsibilities as a project manager in both national and international environments. He expanded his knowledge by studying economics on the side and gained more than 20 years of work experience in an internationally oriented corporation.

His path led him from being a project manager in the field of “VIP and Executive Jet Maintenance” to taking care of the Saudi royal family, to running the department of Training Development and finally becoming the Associate Director for Maritime Solutions.

When Stefan Peters is not planning technological innovations or conducting awesome projects, he likes to spend some quality time with his family and friends. Since one of his hobbies is to cook/grill he can provide them with the most delicious food imaginable. As soon as traveling is possible again, his favourite destinations will be family holidays in the USA as well as enjoying some quiet time in the beautiful forests of Norway.

We at R+S Stolze GmbH are excited about the collaboration between new and established departments within our cooperation and wish Stefan Peters all the best for his new upcoming challenges.

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