Special containers

Special containers are modular applications that are used as a modular or mobile solution, in a similar manner to the aggregate container. These include, for instance, fully equipped emergency diesel generators for the fire department and the Technisches Hilfswerk (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) (THW). The special containers are equipped with compressed air, cable reels, lighting and of course a diesel generator set.

Due to the fact that many, different auxiliary systems interact in these container modules, they are issued with very special designs in order to fulfil their task. For instance, vibration and noise damping play just as important a role here as oil-tightness and fire resistance, as well as weight optimisation and ease of transport.

Whether it concerns a mechanical rotating frequency converter for the mobile electrical supply of ships with 60 Hz – on-board power supply in ports or supplying the population with electrical energy in the event of a disaster, we successfully implement the requirements.



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